TVNR stands for Transparent Flemish Dutch Radio or also Meeting Point for New Directions. Through this internet radio station we make programs for the increasingly aware person. We live in a time when many changes happen. The “normal” media hardly reports about the actual background of the news. TVNR helps through programs that foster awareness, interactions with the listeners (live chats during the programs), supply of service providers, collaborations with other platforms worldwide. TVNR is also present at fairs, lectures and workshops and festivals.

VISION: People of today need a new direction; the demand for inner education is growing as we begin to see more and more that the current situation is becoming increasingly untenable. Everywhere around us we see that everything has to do with attention! Living with attention can mean a lot for living situations, health, work, and other things that are not mentioned here. Everyone is part of society and everyone wants and seeks a connection in this.

Working effectively is listening and doing.

In each of us there is a talent but this is not optimally utilized by different circumstances. Illness, stress, burn-outs and other mental illnesses stem from an impoverished environment; the feeling of not being heard or understood only reinforces demotivation.

This requires a change of thinking and seeing from our radio vision with a revaluation of itself and the environment. This can lead to a different kind of work or circumstances that you have always dreamed of. In every one of us lives a dream that is presented to us. The question is: Do we see that too? Working with the laws of nature can help us to force a breakthrough.

TVNR wants to ensure that you find an anchor point here to exchange ideas and share your experiences! Everyone needs an anchor point to catch their breath! A place where you can just be who you are. Through the chat you can and may ask questions to maybe bring you a bit further and get a clear picture of yourself. Some program makers have received a thorough education to help you take a step further.

We broadcast as an Internet & Radio Platform worldwide and therefore want to bring a range of programs in multiple languages. International meeting and sharing is a beautiful form that has evolved in possibilities thanks to the internet. In our programming you will find the announcement in which language the broadcasts are broadcast. Our Radio Station will be hosted in Canada from 2018 and part of the Sonix network covered by Canadian legislation and the licenses we use will fall under Socan from 2018 onwards. We are a Canadian Radio Station with contributions from a global collaboration and multilingual perspective.


We want to continue Broadcast and work without a commercial objective and thereby become an understanding for people, so that we create a better balance between people and society. Do you want to support us with the work we do, donations are welcome!

Use the Donation button on the .eu website.

Are you a therapist / coach / musician  and do you want to pass on your contribution through TVNR to the listeners in a certain program, please feel free to contact us:

Also other area’s in the field of awareness that contribute a sustaineble and consciousway of life are very welcome!