Paul Vens Radio Shows

Paul Vens makes international Radio Programs

Paul Vens is known by many through his silence concerts in the Netherlands and abroad, his sixteen CDs with his own work, paintings and books and he has recently also made radio programs for American, Argentine, canedian and Belgian radio stations including the specials for TVNR Radio.

Gradually there will be more interest in the independent artists, that are composers and musicians who do not want to adapt their work to the formats of the multinationals like Spotify.

Paul Vens & Friends is also independent, but works together with, for example, a French promotion agency that delivers the music to many Internet channels. Because if you’re looking for innovation or experimental music, you’ll find it especially with the internet channels. “The public and commercial channels, with the exception of exceptions, are mostly top 40 and oldies, we can not do much with that. In the United States, I discovered a radio station that focuses on the independent musicians. They heard my music and asked me to make a radio show of one hour. That was good, with my Dutch-English accent, which in terms of pronunciation is not comparable with the American. In the end we agreed that I would make ten radio programs for them, each with an hour, with only their own music. That’s fantastic!”

Paul also made a program about Tibetan singing bowls and working in institutes and nursing homes. This program has also been requested by two stations in Argentina. In Belgium and the Netherlands, various Dutch-language programs by Paul can also be listened . Radio TVNR presents on regular basis Dutch and english Broadcastshows of Paul Vens. There are various possibilities to continue to make good work as an independent musician. An important development is that people increasingly understand the importance of local investment. This is necessary if you want to maintain control, facilities and culture in local and regional life.

On the website of Paul everything can be read about his work, his paintings can be viewed and his music can be listened to and ordered. It is also possible to listen to all of Paul’s radio shows that have been broadcast so far: