programming 2018

  • Monday            21:00 – 22:00  (9pm-10pm) Sattva Chandra – monthly Column (dutch Broadcast)
  • Tuesday           20:00 – 22:00
  • Wednesday      20:00 – 22:00   (8pm-10pm)Claire Bänziger – Children in the New Era ( International Broadcast, every month)
  •                            20:00 – 22:00  (8pm-10pm) Claire Bänziger – Yoga and Meditation & Chants of life  (International Broadcast, every week)
  • Thursday          20.00- 22:00   (8pm-10pm)Rakesh Rootsman Rak- monthly permaculture special ( International Broadcast)
  • Friday               20.00-22.00
  • Saturday           20:00 – 22:00  (8pm-10pm)Dirk van Passel (every 14 days) Anna Vydia, ( Flemish Broadcast)
  • Sunday              10.00-11.00      (10am-11am)Lecture Ronald Beesley -Almost every week, current theme look on our facebook page ( International Broadcast)        20.00-22.00      (8 pm-10pm) Claire Banziger- Reconnected spaces, ( monthly program) with fragments from books about spirituality and consiousness (this Broadcast containes Dutch, English and German articles themes  and some book reviews and containes own texts and articles and texts from writers and spiritual teachers as Peter Goldman, Ronald Beesley, Elisabeth Bond, Paramahansa Yogananda and others).
  • self-contained Broadcasts per episode

Programs created by Paul Vens are announced on facebook, via twitter and news on our home page. (Dutch or International Broadcast)

program for your child see (purechild) of Magdelena Troch follow us on  facebook and by
twitter announcement. The programs are also announced at news on our home page
( Flemisch Broadcast)


If there is no program you can listen to our stream or visit our Archive page and listen to our podcasts

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This is where many of our Broadcasts are placed so that they can be listened back at any time.

We are currently working on our website, in January the archive will be temporarily offline.
Soon more information about the new possibilities on our website.

For our listeners in other country’s, in the evenings in the Netherlands we scedule some specials, programs interviews and lectures, also on the sunday morning we broadcast lectures. The Dutch times are anounced  on our website. You can calculate your country time with this time zone converter.…

Soon we will also broadcast some international programs and will Broadcast them also on times that are pleasant times for our listeners from other country’s.

The Time of live sharing depends on the local times of our programmakers, but we will scedule some Broadcasts on different times as well.

We will also share the podcast versions of our Broadcasts without music in our archive  after the Broadcasts where live,  so you can visit some topics always in our archive pages.